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As a candidate for McHenry County Circuit Clerk, I promise to uphold the Statutory Requirements as set forth in the Illinois Complied Statues and the Book on Recording Keeping for the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit Courts.  It is my belief that the following are necessary in ensure that success of the Circuit Clerk’s Office success.

    • The Circuit Clerk has always been groomed and placed into office by their predecessor. This elected position hasn’t been opposed for decades. It is time for new leadership with new ideas allowing the voter to have a choice for who is elected into office that can be held accountable by the Taxpayers.
    • Elected officials are not held accountable by the County Government, these officials are only held accountable by the people in McHenry County.
    • Decision making based on facts and importance.
    • Leading by example in the office by having a hands on approach.With 25 years of experience in the office, I am one of the few employees that have worked in almost every one of the divisions that make up the office.
    • Holding all employees, whether in Leadership roles or other positions, to the same standards while treating others with respect.
    • Being confidential and loyal.
    • All elected officials need to be transparent in the budget process and with spending.
    • Being held accountable that all projects are completed before the county pays the bill. There are no checks and balances in this area of spending.
    • The Circuit Clerk’s budget is hard to understand for the common person. Technology, salaries, and other high ticket expenditures are paid for out of different funds set by the County Board. Without a forensic analysis, it is too difficult to find the total spending allowed for technology.
    • I am passionate about McHenry County, I was born and raised here; this is where my roots are. I began my career on August 1, 1994 with the McHenry County Circuit Clerk’s Office and have remained dedicated, hardworking and committed to the success of the office. I am eager to represent the Citizens, the employees, and all of the departments that make McHenry County great.
    • My years of experience in the Circuit Clerk’s Office will guide my decision making, setting policies, and procedures.
    • My education in Business Management, Leadership, and Human Resources give me the essential qualities to run the office and lead the employees.
    • It is imperative that we work towards the common goals, priorities, and challenges to continue to uphold the reputation of being the best.The Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit is a leader in technology and always being on the forefront of excellence in County Government.
    • As a bargaining unit employee, I have the knowledge of the negotiation processes that have taken place for the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. Management and Human Resources should be bargaining in Good Faith towards an agreement that will benefit the employees and the Circuit Clerk; unfortunately, this has not been the case. I will work diligently with the Human Resource Director and the Union to do what is in the best interest of the Circuit Clerk’s Office and its employees.
    • The starting pay has only increased by $4.25/hour in the last 25 years and is currently $12.50/hour. This makes the Circuit Clerk’s Office the lowest paid office countywide.
    • Employees are the greatest and most important asset to the success of the Circuit Clerk’s Office and the Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit; without the staff, the office wouldn’t run efficiently. Our turnover rate is at an all-time high, taxpayer’s monies are being spent on training people to only have them leave their employment for better opportunities to be treated fairly and respectfully.



Elect Renee Overlee for McHenry County Circuit Clerk.

Authorized and paid for by the Citizens to Elect Renee Overlee. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.
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